Antipodes DV upgrade

Hi I have just purchased a 2nd hand DV. First of it made an immediate and noticeable difference, extending both the top end and bottom end. I tried the USB out first, but found using an Urendu as a NAA provided the best sound.

It is possible to:

  1. update the vortex software ?
  2. update the LMS software
  3. upgrade the hard drive to a 2TB

Are there any other upgrades that can be done?

Thanks in advance.


The DV is getting on in life now, and getting past being up-dateable, what version of software is it running?

VortexBox SW Version: 2.3

Linux OS Version: Fedora release 20 (Heisenbug)

Logitech Media Server Version: 7.8.0 - 1395395852 @ Tue May 6 10:42:37 EDT 2014

Hi Mark
Is it possible to SSH into the vortexbox and update the distro or are there custom kernels?
Is it possible to load the Sonicorbiter OS onto it.


While it is technically possible to update the software, the DV board wouldn’t give the experience we would like with the current software suite.
There are a couple of options, continue to use and enjoy the DV as is, or hardware upgrade to DX3. If you wish to go down the hardware route please fill in the form here Upgrades - Antipodes Audio