CX/EX intermittent music disruption

Turns out that listening to the CX / EX via Squeeze will occasionally lead to a split second disruption during music playback. This can happen randomly for DSD64 and DSD128 tracks. I have not tried on full length albums in other formats yet. I have none of these problems when I use my SOtM SMS 200 streamer before the EX. The CX goes into the 1Gbps and EX into the 100Mbps ports on the Melco switch.

Anyone has any idea how this can happen?

Oladra upgraded cx+ex stack here and using squeezelite … nvr had mentioned disruption before or after oladra upgrade in last 3-4 yrs thru various ams versions till latest.

Interesting setup which I do not understand why isn’t cx server to melco switch for upstream clean up and ex player simply directly to cx ? :thinking:


Connecting the EX to the CX via Direct Stream is exactly that direct, rather than going thru your home network/switches, etc, this is the preferred connection.
If you are experiencing disruption, I would try the Direct Stream

Just to add … Antipodes connectivity between the cx and ex is robust. I do have an uptone etheregen switch between them as well as another etheregen before the cx but nvr had any disruption … dsd or otherwise via Squeezelite :heart_eyes:. Cheers.