EX vs S30 for Squeeze server/player setup

I would not suggest using S30 as server. It has a player board as has the EX. But if you try please share.


I was just trying to understand what possibilities you compared with what connections and what output for a single EX to outperform a dual setup in SQ.

It seems you are close to also having a server now?
Of course the EX+CX Oladra combo is very tempting. And with some luck you can find a K30 for under 4k Euro.

Tempted indeed!

If 4k€ is within reach for a K30, what can I dream to pay for an EX+CX Oladra in your view? More or less than the K30?

Definitely more and remember it is a G3 upgrade not G4. How much is the oladra ex+cx from a friend you found? You can PM me if you prefer.