Music from speakers when roon volume is 0 on oladra

Yes, it is DSP volume control in both cases, Only you can say, listen and see, compare one to the other, then choose.

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Truth. It’s all in the ears of the beholder.

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understood, but let me ask another way. Would you expect that the SQ benefit from not using DSP volume control would be greater than the benefit from using Antipodes player board instead of RAAT?

Haha … no not much at all.

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I would suspect if you use HQPlayer to control the volume, that has the best chance of sounding better than hardware control with RAAT.

What’s the max sample rate supported by your speakers over AES?

48khz - same regardless of input

i will try that, but that’s another drama as HQP doesn’t give me any volume control at all at the moment :grin: Mark is helping on that one!

You are really going to have to let your ears decide. Such a low supported sample rate might hinder what can be done as far as DSP.

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