Restarting k50 every 3rd or 4th time I try to use it

Every 3rd or4th time I go to use my system I get the “uh oh somethings not right” message. Turn off the k50 and restart and it is generally ok. But I feel with a $22000 piece of kit I should expect better than this. Am I expecting too much?

Antipodes provides excellent service. Have you scheduled time for them to have a look?

Hi there @Spb I assume what you mean is Roon is telling you something is not quite right.
Generally it is a Roon data base corruption problem, nothing at all to do with Antipodes.
There are over 50+ posts in the Roon forums with that issue.
Generally the fix is a complete removal of the Roon database and reinstallation of Roon.
We have found that starting fresh is the best way, as reinstalling a back up simply reinstalls the corrupted database.
I would start with complete removal of the Roon remote software and data base on the remote device then reinstalling it, prior to moving onto doing that on the Antipodes.
If you require assistance please don’t hesitate to make an appointment for remote access support here…