Roon server --> HQplayer desktop

Hi guys

Ive just setup the following combination Roon Server → HQ Player app on K50 to DAVE. I am wondering how to output from Roon server to HQplayer on my desktop. Is there a way to do this either from Roon server to HQplayer (Desktop); OR Roon server to HQplayer NAA (K50) to HQplayer (Desktop). Theres also whether the added consideration of HQplayer Desktop or HQplayer client on my dekstop. Is there an easy way to make it work with just one HQplayer license, though I dont mind getting a license for embedded version and one for the desktop version. Thanks

Yes you can output from Roon Server to HQPlayer Desktop. Go to the Setup tab in Roon settings and input the IP of your desktop running HQPlayer. Select this as the output device and you should see Roon play through HQPlayer.

And the HQPlayer on is HQplayer desktop or just HQplayer client - Would I need license because it sounds roon server will be outputting to HQplayer desktop

Try as i might, I just cannot make it to work/. Any setup guides you may know about? Thanks

Search for “roon hqplayer setup”. I found this:

Make sure the little world icon is on. This allows control from a remote source (Roon).

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