S40/S30/S60 or S40/S20/S60

Hi fellow,

I have Aqua La Scala DAC (has USB and AES input) and Antipodes S40/S60
Would adding an additional player or regenerate be worth the money? What component to add firstly to give better improvement if I only want to spend for one?

  • S30 to connect to dac via USB
  • S20 to connect regenerate and convert USB to AES to dac


Hi there Kevin, good question, I would go for the S30.
Seperate the server player functions.

Thanks Mark for your advice,

Added S30 and the improvement is huge, not small, this is a real deal

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Awesome Kevin, this makes me happy.
Validation on seperating the server/player functions.
The S40 is a great server, the S30 is a great player, add S60, all together magic.
Enjoy the music :notes:

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Thanks Mark,
i now have S30, S40 and S60,

If I add another S60 and S20, which device should be powered by a dedicated S60 (S30, S40 or S20)

If I just want only buy an extra S20, would the use of stock power supply on S40 stripped away much magic?


Hello, all has been well with my S40 but today I cannot access my antipodes. I have been exploring different set ups and the last stage was using Roon and HQ player. The system is working and I can play music, just can’t access the GUI.

I have tried both access methods via your website and have rebooted.

Any guidance appreciated.


Today I deleted app and reinstalled and also disconnected power on the reboot. It has recovered and I am able to access the GUI once more.


I’d be inclined with only one S60 to run the server off the SMPS and the S30 and S20 off the S60

Is it possible to use a P2 reclocker with your S40 , instead of s20 ?

Yes its possible, the P2 is USB powered vs the independent power on the S20.

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Thanks Mark . That’s useful to know .
Do you think Antipodes will produce cables again in near future ?

Interesting question re cables, not in the short term is the current answer :slight_smile:

Good to know .
Thanks Mark

Similar sort of question: I currently have an S40 and assuming the target is S30/S40/S20/S60 what is the best order to make the upgrades to get the biggest benefit earlier.

My guess it would be add the S60, then S30 and finally S20 but welcome any views.