S40/S30/S60 or S40/S20/S60

Hi fellow,

I have Aqua La Scala DAC (has USB and AES input) and Antipodes S40/S60
Would adding an additional player or regenerate be worth the money? What component to add firstly to give better improvement if I only want to spend for one?

  • S30 to connect to dac via USB
  • S20 to connect regenerate and convert USB to AES to dac


Hi there Kevin, good question, I would go for the S30.
Seperate the server player functions.

Thanks Mark for your advice,

Added S30 and the improvement is huge, not small, this is a real deal

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Awesome Kevin, this makes me happy.
Validation on seperating the server/player functions.
The S40 is a great server, the S30 is a great player, add S60, all together magic.
Enjoy the music :notes:

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Thanks Mark,
i now have S30, S40 and S60,

If I add another S60 and S20, which device should be powered by a dedicated S60 (S30, S40 or S20)

If I just want only buy an extra S20, would the use of stock power supply on S40 stripped away much magic?


Hello, all has been well with my S40 but today I cannot access my antipodes. I have been exploring different set ups and the last stage was using Roon and HQ player. The system is working and I can play music, just can’t access the GUI.

I have tried both access methods via your website and have rebooted.

Any guidance appreciated.


Today I deleted app and reinstalled and also disconnected power on the reboot. It has recovered and I am able to access the GUI once more.


I’d be inclined with only one S60 to run the server off the SMPS and the S30 and S20 off the S60