2 Part EX situation - MPD and Squeeze

Hello and sorry this is a long two-part situation…

Coming from a Bryston BDP-2, got a pre-owned EX, and have storage set up, and files transferred to it to a new Samsung EVO 2TB. Software version AMSv4.31

The way I like to listen is to play the entire library on shuffle. That way I “re-discover” the music I own. (could do this with the Bryston, using MPD, and controlled with third party iPad apps Rigelian and Soundirok. Plus I seem to be the last person on the planet to not have a Roon subscription.)

Purchased Mconnect Player HD app because it has the ability to do the above. However, no matter what combination of settings I try in the Solution control pane, Mconnect won’t see the EX as a player. It does see the library /music files. Rigelian can’t see the EX either.

Preset: have tried both MPD options
Player Settings: EX = MPD
Server Settings: EX have tried Minimserver and MiniDLNA

Have tried all manner of restarts and refreshes.

So not sure what is wrong, or what step I’m missing?

Part 2:

Decided to try Squeeze preset, with Squeeze as player and server, and purchased iPeng app to control the playback.

Now I have music. And I think I figured out a workaround in the settings to play the library on shuffle.

However, if I power down the EX, it’s not recognized when powered on again. I’ve read in other posts about the solution of toggling between Squeeze and Roon in the preset, and this does set things right.

But having to do Squeeze -Roon -Squeeze in the Solution control panel every time is a pain in the neck, and doesn’t seem acceptable.

So is there a software solution in the works?

OR: is it ok to leave the EX powered on all the time? Does it need to be powered down?

Thanks for any insight…

The MPD player on the EX has to advertise itself on the network. For troubleshooting it can be helpful to have other apps handy. I really like Glider as it has excellent discovery capabilities.

If Glider doesn’t see it, you should set up a support call. The EX may need to have its software refreshed.

Leave it powered up. It’s better for sound quality and it’s also what Antipodes recommends as it allows updates to be pushed at night.

Thanks, will need to look into Glider.

Also good to know that it can stay powered up. Most of my other gear stays on too, but you don’t always know when standby or sleep mode is beneficial or recommended…

still haven’t tried Glider… am a bit reluctant to purchase yet another control app. I did try Rigelian, Soundirok, and Mconnect again, with all kinds of restarts and refreshes, and all three still can’t find my EX. Weird. The Bryston never had trouble showing up immediately.

So I’m sticking with Squeeze / iPeng for the time being, and will leave the EX powered on.

I don’t recall having paid for it. Not sure.

Arrange a support call.

Glider is $10, which is, of course minor, however it hasn’t been updated in over four years… but thanks for mentioning it.

Is there any sound quality reason to even concern oneself about MPD? The Server dashboard description of Squeeze has it as " the best sounding playback solution available on Antipodes music servers."

So I’m probably just being a nerd about all this. It’s more strange than anything… if I end up obsessing over it, I’ll do a support session.

I agree that Squeeze is the best sounding solution so that’s what I use.

I think when I first got my K30, it was important to me that every option worked properly, so I understand where you are coming from.

I just noticed “inphilly” in your username. Does that mean you are in the Philadelphia area?


We audiophile types are a bit too obsessive… haha.

And yes I’m in Philadelphia. Have lived in the city since '91.

I’m a Drexel grad who grew up in South Jersey. Now in the Seattle area though.

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Drexel’s radio station, WKDU, is one of the few I actually enjoy listening to.

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