2 Roon cores appeared in setting up Roon

I’m using CX+EX combo. When I set up my Roon remote, both CX and EX appeared as Roon cores (see attached photo

). Did I do something wrong when setting up them under Myantipodes?

In myantipodes, you use the player dashboard in this case the EX to manage both servers.
A link to the Guide below.

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Thanks, all sorted. By the way, should I connect my K10 to CX or EX to rip CDs? The SSDs are installed in EX.


Thats not a good set up, you are taking the music from the EX to the CX then back to the EX for output.
Move the SSD to the CX.
Once the SSD are in the CX connect the K10 to the CX

I’ve tried to move the 2 SSDs from ex to CX but the storage at the CX dashboard showed nothing. Do I need to initialize the slots in CX? But I don’t have a spare SSD. Any other way? Thanks.

Did you go to Manage Storage on the CX?

The CX is not seeing any disc, are you sure they are inserted fully.
I would ensure that I have a music back up at this point.

Does it mean that I have no alternative but to wipe the 2 SSDs clean and start uploading my music library from scratch? My back up is kept on an USB drive. Will attaching it to the CX make the upload progress faster? Looking forward to your advice.

Did you install the SSD in exactly the same order as they were in the EX?

Yes, I put them into the slots in exactly the same order.

I swapped them and the result is the same.

Unfortunately, I our will need to reformat and recopy your library.
Potentially USB connected to CX could make it faster.
Easiest is across the network in small chunks.

Thanks a lot. Just finished copying my files.

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Should I connect K10 to the USB audio slots or the other set of USB slots? Can an USB cable with just one connecter be sufficient to drive K10? If so, I can use a better USB cable to rip CDs. Looking forward to your advice.

K10 is connected to the Blue USB ports.
So that’s the other set
I would just use the supplied cable.

Thanks for your prompt response.