3.13 upgrade question

When I opened my K50 player dashboard today it informed me that there was an update to 3.13 available so I did the update and restarted when requested. However the K50 server dashboard is not saying there is a 3.13 upgrade available and so I now have 3.13 on the Player and 3.12 on the Server.

Is this correct or should the Server have also prompted me to upgarde?

Hi Nick,
The 3.13 update is available for both server & player.

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I can’t see anything for my CX yet?

The update prompts for both player & server (K50) were there when I opened up the respective dashboards. If it hadn’t been for Nick’s query I wouldn’t have been aware. I have the time zone for each part set to GMT.

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Be aware it will require restore of roon.

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I’m playing music now with Squeeze after the easy update to both server and player. Roon is still being restored from backup.

Are you still using HQPlayer?

No app_status yet. :sleepy:

Only with Roon. I will switch over to it later today.

All HQP settings were wiped. No big deal as it takes me only a few minutes to restore them. Lots of new filter options.

Roon/HQPlayer working perfectly. I think I am hearing slightly improved sound quality.

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The update should be available in both Player and Server, if you do not receive the update overnight or with forcing the time-zone, please make an appointment for remote access.

Seems like a very small number of people.

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Got my auto update last night :slight_smile: . Cheers, Mark

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I waited and this morning the K50 server was offering the 3.13 update. Both Player and Server are now successfully upgraded to 3.13.


My oladra upgraded cx and ex stack at amsv3.12 was upgraded without any fanfare after being prompted that v3.13 is available which I proceeded. Not sure the details of the mentioned upgrades per screenshot though. Cheers.

Roon had an update notice waiting for me - so I just applied it. An error was displayed indicating that I need HQPlayer 4 or or greater (or something like that). Restarting HQPlayer server and player resolved it.

Im having an issue with Hqplayer where after adding my license key, its still stating “trial” even though it stated “success”.

Anyone else having this issue?

That usually means that the hardware fingerprint changed somehow. You can reach out to Jussi to have him generate a new license for you based on the new fingerprint. No charge.

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All Sorted now


Guten Tag, ich habe gestern 3.13 aufgespielt. Dabei sind einige Playlist verschwunden und einige verkűrzt. Ich habe ein Backup gemacht und dachte, dass dabei auch die Playlisten gesichert waren? Ist das nicht so?
Gruss Stefan

“Hello, I played yesterday 3.13. Some playlists have disappeared and some have been shortened. I made a backup and thought that the playlists were also backed up? Isn’t that the case? Greetings Stefan”

Ich benutze Roon und speichere nur sehr wenige Wiedergabelisten. Nach dem Update 3.13 sind jedoch alle, wie ich, völlig intakt geblieben.

I use Roon & save very few playlists. However, after the 3.13 update all of those such as I do have remained entirely intact.

Und bevor jemand fragt, nein, ich kann kein Deutsch, keine Ahnung, ich habe einen Online-Übersetzer benutzt. Aber hat noch jemand weiteres Feedback?

And before anyone asks, no I can’t speak German, not a clue, I used an online translator. But does anyone else have any further feedback? :wink: