870 EVO SSD similar to Samsung

Mainly for NZ viewers - FYI on Trademe (our version of ebay) there is a person selling new 4tb 870 EVO SSD’s from Samsvng Electronics.
About 1/3 the price of a new Samsung SSD.

Most of the graphics and labels (except the word Samsung is missing) make it look like a Samsung product - except that the name on the label is Samsvng.
Reading the label smallprint also reveals other spelling mistakes Wapning (Warning), Wanrranty (Warranty), lanel (label). No manufacturer label, place of manufacture or date of manufacture. UL (Underwriters laboratory) mark number is different on the box to that on the SSD label.

So in all respects dodgy - but havent tried it yet to see if it works.

Just thought you might like to know.


Don’t bother. Buy from a Reputable seller. Buying the Genuine Product you get a 5 years guarantee.

Caveat Emptor