About the combination of K50

Sorry for my bad English……just want to ask some quesions about it,it will be grateful if I can get some tips of it,Thanks!

Considering for a network player system recently,I would like to choose a Linn for DAC (I have listened to it for one time and get deeply attracted by it!the Klimax DSM/3)and of course it is a network player.

When I was just using a pair of KEF LS50 Wireless II,no storage stuffs were used with it,I just used them with Airplay or Bluetooth,and now,when using a network player such as Linn,though I will listen to the streaming files on Apple Music,Tidal,Qobuz and so on,obviously more than local files,a good Roon core(if Roon is used) and NAS(of course a server)will be important(or the K41 G4 will be more suitable?just a bit more than the half of the price of K50).

I’ve compared the Dela N1-S38 and fidata’s flagship in Japan,and Now I’m back to China,according to the price,buying a Melco doesn’t seem to be a very good choice(though I do like the sound of Dela’s,pretty musical and bass is suitable for me), and I started to look at the Antipodes,appreciating its concepts though I haven’t listened to any of it.

Now,Antipodes seems to be the BEST choise,if I choose the K50,since there are two parts in it(player and server),if I use the K50 as a NAS and Roon Core,does ONLY the Server part work?(then the bridge on Linn works),but if I use USB or Coaxial out to the Linn(both parts in K50 work then),where is the Bridge then?Does the bridge on Linn still work?(since the Linn ones is pretty nice)

Comapring the sound of those two methods above seems to be interesting,will chosing the K50 be a waste?Is choosing K41 better?Will it sound better though only the Server part of K50 works?

Or it is just better to choose other DACs which doesn’t have a network player function like a CH C1.2 without any card(maybe a USB one)to combine with K50?

It will be grateful to get some advice on building a system like it.

Respectfully, keeping the KEF LS50 Wireless II might limit the realization of the full potential offered by superior DACs and servers. It’s a suggestion to consider allocating part of your budget towards upgrading the amplifier and speakers, or exploring higher-quality active options. I hope this input proves helpful.

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Thanks for your comment,PaulW!

I’m sorry that I didn’t talk about the speakers using currently :cry:,in order to build a new system,I bought a pair of PSI A23-Ms at first.

About the ampflier,buying an independent preamp is not considered recently because of the budget and using the preamp in the DAC may satisfy me,since the system is at the very first step now,it’s also a good idea to look for a good preamp,thank you!

The Linn DSM/3 is a kind of jack-of-all-trades device.
Without a doubt, using the K50 via USB or AES to the DSM/3 will give the best sound quality.
A way to get to this quality over time would be to purchase the K41, and initially utilise Roon Ready in the DSM.
Then when funds allow purchase the K22 giving digital and USB output, when combined with a K41 makes a two-box K50


Thanks for your comment,Mark!

Feel pleased and honored to receive informations from Antipodes,if the budget is enough,a K50 will be in my system definitely.

I did also hear that BNC out is brilliant even the best on K50 from a K50 G3 user in a Chinese local audiophile forum,and feeding the USB to KDSM/3 is better than using only the Server part of K50 from a K50 G2 user.

Though AES is unavailable,USB and BNC input are available on KDSM/3,if possible,look forward to having a try of it.

By the way,is it still possible to buy a brand new K50 G3 currently?or a new G4 one can be downgraded via local dealerships?

G3 is not available, only G4
Downgrade is not possible

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Thanks for your comment,Mark!

In comparison,the performance is greatly improved on G4,a K50 G4 will be a very good choice,Thanks!