Advice needed by newbie please

Hi Folks - I am home demo-ing an EX, and as a result have ordered a K41 :))
Have an early Melco N1ZS and run it with BubbleUPnP (great app). Have watched all the video’s and read all the guides. and can get Bubble to work ok with the EX using MINIMserver. Have tried to use SQUEEZE, but the Android SQUEEZE app says “no Logitech devices found” Am I barking up the wrong tree, so to speak?
Also, I have put music onto a SSD card for the EX, but can see no way of using it when my K41 arrives, without having to wipe it off first, which is quite counterproductive.
Happy to receive any guidance and sorry for being so long-winded. Thank you

Once MinimServer and MPD is set as a preset.
You will need to check if MinimServer has ever been used on the demo EX.
Click into the Server tab in the AMS Dashboard, click Setup for MinimServer.
Follow the prompts.
Alternatively you can use MiniDLNA, which also will need to be started, by clicking into the server tab, after the preset is selected, and click setup.
In our current version of AMS Squeeze is not a UPnP server, this will change in AMSv5 soon to be released.
The Antipodes servers run on a Linux operating system, any SSD added needs to be part of the storage pool, so formatting in any other OS and adding it will not work.

Thanks Mark for the useful info, will try it outi in due course. Re the SSD, sorry If I didn’t make it clear, but the music was D/L’d when the card was in the EX so would be using the same OS.
Does this change your response?

Re SSD, depends on the File Structure on the EX, it may well be that it is recognised and be part of the storage straight away. No gaurantee, always have a music backup.

FYI Mark, the SSD card was recognised by my K41 which arrived today, so that’s great!
After reading the comments re Squeeze, will give it a miss and stick with MinimServer
Thanks for your help.