Album Art Corrections

Could one of you wise folks please enlighten me as to how I correct album images. I use Material squeeze, but this example and issue relates to my few CD’s that are ripped to SSD. (Apologies if this has been covered before, but my limited searches did not find it).

When playing a couple of albums, I see an incorrect image from another random album.

I tried replacing this with a suitable jpeg in the S40 folder, but this did not work.

Go to the Library setting then scroll to the bottom and choose this option and rescan:

It will take some time to do this. While you wait, clear your browser cache.

Thanks Kenny. I tried a couple of times but it didn’t change. This is not important to resolve anytime soon though. It only affects a couple of my albums, but I assume others might have it too.

Post edited to remove the attempted processes that were not the correct solution

Post edited to remove the attempted processes that were not the correct solution. After obtaining correct images, refer tagging software below.

Be sure to remove the artwork that’s embedded in the flac files.

Yes, I think that might be what needs to be done.

Changing the 3 images in each album folder in File Explorer did not achieve anything (including subsequent Rescan Media Library and browser clearing processes).

Changing artwork embedded within flac files looks to be a bit more involved though. Perhaps a mission for another day.

It should take only a few clicks with a good tagging program. I use Yate for Mac but I’ve heard good things about this app that runs on Windows: Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...)

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Success. Thanks Kenny. I had tried another tagging program, but Mp3tag was much more user friendly.
Once finding the album, it allowed me to select all songs and right click on the image to change it. Their must be a lot going on in those files, because it then took quite a while to process, but it works.

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Incidentally, I just discovered that the Rescan Media Library function discussed above did also correct a ripped CD that used to appear in the wrong language (for me at least). Two fixes for the price of one.


This is one of my most used utilities. It is real easy and gas great tools if you are OCD like me.

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I use MP3Tag too, works really well.

I arrange my albums by artist with a folder for each artist, inside which there are individual folders for each of the artist’s albums.
The album icon is ok but in quite a few cases, the artist icon is plain weird.
How does Material handle artist icons?
When I had a Bryston BDP-1 which used MPD it used a pic called Artist.jpg. What do I do for Material ?

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One thing i really liked about lumin is it would take the album art embedded on the song and used it for the album folder, it would then use the first album alphabetically and use that art for the artist folder.

Material is only a skin applied on top of Squeeze server (LMS). LMS does provide the ability to provide artist images of your own, but I’ve never figured out how to get it to work.

I’ve figured out how to correct / add artist images.
Create a folder on the music server, I used /storage/music/artist
Then go to Settings > Library > Music and Artist Information and set ‘Folder with artist photos’ according, it’s not that scary to do this, use the ‘browse’ functionality
Clear your library and rescan as mentioned previously
Go to the images folder and it should now full of jpg’s.
You can replace the ones you don’t like and add any missing ones.
Use the metadata corresponding to “Album Artist” in the metadata, I used MP3Tag, mentioned earlier.
You may find that the Album Artist may not have been consistent for multiple albums for that artist so you may get multiple folders for a single artist in Material. Update the metadata to correct.


I generally use dBPower amp software for ripping and have found the best fix to be grabbing an image from Amazon and dragging it into the image field which for whatever the reason is left blank on my Mac by default. Maybe it’s bc I have a free version. When left blank there’s no cover art. But it ALWAYS displays if I download an image and drag it in there Your software may be different of course. And in my case I rip on the Mac and upload to the SSD drive.

This issue never occurs when I download hi-res files from an online source as the files always provide an image.