Ams 5 shut down from app

Hi, would love to be able to shut down my oladra from inside ams ie without the use of the physical button. Reason being its very hard to get small kids to not press it so i block it but then its awkward when i need to press it!

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The soft shut-down was removed for a reason, and won’t be re-instated anytime soon.
Antipodes recommends leaving your server on at all times, and a physical shutdown/restart.


i do leave it on all the time, but when switching from squeeze back to roon i have to restart, also when trying different components i shut down. hope you change your mind

You should have no need to do that. You may need Antipodes to take a look.


Having had valve (tube) amplifiers with exposed valves and speakers without grilles around the house for more than 40 years I have developed a successful system for stopping my children’s and grandchildren’s little fingers touching what should not be touched.


My daughter has obviously remembered her upbringing and has passed this on to her children and it is now “TOUCH YOUR GRANDFATHERS HI FI SYSTEM AND HE WILL KILL YOU”.

It works for us.

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Sadly could end you up in prison these days when words are considered violence.

“No Tik Tok for you” might be the safer choice as many kids would find that even more painful. Though that should be the rule regardless.

My house my rules!

It is the same issue with horses (my other passion apart from my hifi and my family). With horses THE worst thing to do for their happiness and our safety is for the horse to think it is top of the hierarchy and that it is in charge,

Happy children and happy horses both know their boundaries.

The world will eventually become sensible and align with my theory on life the universe and everything!

By the way, what is Tik Tok? :rofl:

It’s an app that makes young people pliable so they can be more easily controlled by our tech overlords.


I’m inclined to agree. Don’t do ‘x’ to one of our children is a red rag to a bull, but to the other it works. Unfortunately, Hi Fi power buttons seem irresistible to both!

I miss the ability to restart from within the app, but I guess having two PC’s in one box makes that difficult.

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I read that ams 5 will have a ‘lock’ feature? Is that to lock the on off switch by any chance?

No, it is not for that purpose.