AMS updates and playlists/favorites in Squeeze

Hi all. I’m posting this in AMS Software because it seems to be associated with regular updates to the AMS software. Every time I update, several things seem to happen. The first is that I have to re-install Squeeze. This is not a biggie. But I also seem to lose all of my favorites (mostly radio streams), need to log back in to Qobuz (also not huge), and lose track of my playlists. I can see the playlists in the Server files, but they are not loading into the Solution My Music/Playlists. Any ideas on how to not have this happen in the first place, or recover them in a simple manner? Thank you in advance.

Hi there, you should not need to re-install Squeeze, what seems to be the issue that requires re-installation?

Hi Mark:

This issue is perplexing. After upgrading to AMSv4.3.1, the ‘Play’ button took me to My Music without a problem, but in the My Music tab of Music Sources, the Playlist folder appears but is empty. At the same time, all of my Favorites have disappeared, and I need to re-input my Qobuz user name and password.

However, when I look at the contents of my K50SERVER in the finder window, all of my Playlists appear as normal within the Music folder. So they haven’t actually gone away, just the link.

I had similar problems after installing AMSv4.3. But in that upgrade I couldn’t even play from my music files (the ‘Play’ button was non-responsive). In that case, the ‘Play’ button started working again after re-installing Squeeze. I can’t remember what exactly got me my Playlists back after that install, but I had to re-build Favorites manually.

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Hi there, seems weird, we would like to pop into your server for as look if possible.
Can you book at time that suits here…

Booked it, but now need to cancel - the playlists have reappeared in My Music. No idea why except maybe putting the K50 into standby overnight.

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Squeeze will re-scan, you can force re-scanning in the menu