AMSV5.0 and MPD

Can anyone confirm that MPD under AMS5 can still play 705/768 files. I have tried all the combinations and can only get <384 to play. I have used Jplay and Rigelian as controllers.

I will try this tonight and let you know.

What are 705/768 files?

Music upscaled to those sample rates.

Thanks Kenny… won’t you be watching the Superbowl?

It should be over by 8 pm my time.

Confirming that MPD with MinimServer played the following at the correct rate. I used Glider to play it.

Thanks Kenny. I was able to get minimserver option to work. I also tried the squeeze/mpd but they did not play. I’ll revisit at a later date. For now it’s squeeze for pggb or hqplayer if I want the roon front end.