ANK DAC 5.1 Professional (finished Version)

has anyone expirience with the ANK DAC 5.1 pro? I think about to buy Ikone of this tube dac.
Thanks for your answers in advance.

Sorry, to run this Tube dac with an Antipodes K50

Hello, I have such a DAC in my system. connected to the K 50. It produces a great analog sound with well-articulated bass. I compared it to Denafris Terminator +.
They play very similar despite being limited to 96/24 in ANK.
However, I recommend replacing the original tubes with NOS ones
Regards, Leszek

Hello Leszek,
thanks for your Information.
I think I will go with an ANK. First of all I have to sell my Holo Audio May Level 2.
Have a good time.