Antipodes AMSv3.1 and Lumin App

One of my DACs is a Lumin X1. Lumin has a web app for configuring their units and for playing music through the app. Prior to AMSv3.1, K50 showed in Music Library for the Lumin App. I had not tried using the App till today and ran into issue of the K50 not showing online to be able to use. I tried restarting the K50 and deleting the Lumin App and downloading again without getting that library to work. I posted question on Lumin forum at AudioShark wondering if this was similar to needing to deauthorize prior Core in Roon and reloading. I then mused that this may be MinimServer related.

I had Roon selected as server in the K50 and changed to MinimServer. Lumin App on my Desktop M1 then detects MinimServer (antipodes) in Music Library and can play via the Lumin App. K50 no longer shows as Music Library option. If I activate Roon as the Server only, MinimServer shows as Offline. I do find I can activate both MinimServer and Roon Server in Antipodes Server Dashboard and Lumin shows MinimServer (antipodes) as accessible. This is different than before Antipodes software push changes, but it works. If I leave Roon Ready On in the App, I can switch to playing Roon from the Roon web app or select and play from Lumin App. If I shutoff Roon Ready in the Lumin App, my X1 does not show as an Audio Zone in Roon.

I want to also pass my regard for Peter Lie of Lumin. He answered on that forum in less than an hour while I was posting the paragraph above this one on MinimServer. His answer in that forum was "The functionality you need on Antipodes is known as MinimServer. Please have it enabled or reinstalled.

Minimserver - Antipodes EDGE User Manual [Page 32] | ManualsLib"

I did not realize we could activate more than one server at a time, but that has solved my issue with Lumin App.

Antipodes Guides

Check out the Guides Page, whilst some of it is still being built, there are vids on the basic functionality of v3.1

As you have eluded, Antipodes servers can run multiple servers at once, I generally have, Roon, Minim, Squeeze and Plex running.
It’s the Player Dashboard that only allows one “app” at a time.

Application Video

I have a recollection that of one of the ‘How to’ videos from Antipodes said that for best SQ it was recommended not to have multiple server apps running.

Mark, are you therefore running those apps at the same time merely for convenience to do with your ongoing testing rather than because doing so does not impact on Sound Quality?

In fact @antipodes mentions exactly that in the Application video linked above.
I guess you could say that my use case is convenience.
If I’m in my car listening with Plex, what do I care if the server has Roon enabled?
Listening in my cave with Minim+MPD, I can’t tell if I have Roon server enabled or not.
Maybe that’s me my ears and my equipment and room, your experience may differ.

I was shutting down Roon Server later at night while listening to HQPlayer in my early days with the K30. At the same time I was also killing the power to my network so as remove some of the harm my network was bringing. I thought killing my network did help just a bit as it took a slight edge off of the music. Killing Roon might have helped too, but less so. I stopped obsessing over either of these measures though. I continue to be so overwhelmed with positives that it’s not worth sweating. YMMV.