Antipodes audio units multi voltage?

hi there, just wanting to check can antipodes units the (K range and S range) be used in ~120v countries (USA etc) and ~230v countries (UK / Australia) I noticed a red label at the back of the units showing 230v, but not sure how to flick it or if it’s even possible?

On my K30, the voltage is changed from
115v to 230v by the direction the fuse holding is inserted just above the mains plug on the back.

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For S30 for example the fuse is in the 12V power supply feeding it. No need to change AC voltage.

Selfpowered units will have switchable AC Supply
– 110-120VAC 60Hz
– 220-240VAC 50Hz

Remove fuse holder and rotate 180 degrees.
a) Be certain the orientation of the fuse holder is correct for your regional power grid.
b) Be sure to use the right fuse(s) for either 110V or 220V.

Verify for your specific model with Antipodes


Thanks all! Appreciate the quick assistance!