Antipodes CX DX combo questions

I’ve had a DX for a number of years and love the Antipodes as my source. Of all the upgrades I’ve made in my system, I never considered an upgrade to my source b/c it did it for me.

However, I needed to send my DX in for firmware updates. Mark Cole and all the Antipodes team is great with customer support.

Anyway, got the DX back in fine shape. But now I am wondering if it is possible to improve upon the current Antipodes sound?

I was wondering if it was possible to use a CX model as server and the DX as renderer?

Two questions:

  1. Is this functionally and mechanically possible?
  2. If so, with the DX functioning as player, will there be any sonic improvements over using the DX as a stand alone (srver/player)

What do you guys think?

Hiya, yes indeed using a CX, or a K41, or even a K50 in a multi-player set-up is possible with the DX.
I myself have a DX in a second system as Player Only, using the OLADRA as the server.
Using the Solution Dashboard on the DX it is just a matter of selecting the source as CX.
The DX is connected to the CX via ethernet, direct streaming output would be the preferred.
And absolutely there will be sonic benefits, I would say a large improvement is gained by moving the server functions away from a DX.
Not only will you get sonic improvement, but a more responsive system with the extra power the server brings to the party.


Wow… that’s great news! Thank you Mark, we really appreciate that you not only provide EXCELLENT customer service, but that you also take the time to answer our product-related questions with great detail. I’ve never experienced such great customer care and it’s one of the reasons I’ll always have Antipodes in my front end.


I have an even simpler query!

I recently purchased a DX1 and I’m looking forward to hearing it in my system (still to arrive with me).

My question: Is there any upgrade potential for my DX1 as opposed to trade-in? I presume that I cannot use it as a Roon endpoint. I’m retired and have too many other expensive hobbies (gliding, motorcycling, photography) to consider upgrading it, so if I have to use Squeezebox and iPeng so be it ( I have a lifetime Roon licence).

Sorry, upgrade program has finished for DX

Ok, thanks for letting me know Mark.