Antipodes DX1 - self-upgrade of Vortex Box from V2.3?

Following up on a query answered before and noting that there is no factory upgrade program for DXs anymore:

My new-to-me DX1 received today has the following software status:

         **VortexBox SW Version:** 2.3

         **Linux OS Version:** Fedora release 20 (Heisenbug)

Iā€™m loving the sound quality :sunglasses:

I have two queries:

  1. Recognising that Vortex Box is no longer supported or being developed further, nevertheless is it desirable to update the Vortex Box version to something later?

  2. Is is possible for me to update the soaftware away from Vortex Box to your later AMS system?

I am reasonably proficient with computers, including lots of previous experience with Unix/Linux command line professionally.

thanks in advance,