Antipodes K50 multi room service

Hello: I have an Antipodes K 50 in the living room.
I use Roon Server with Hq Player. I would like to connect a wireless mobile device to hear exactly the same thing at the same time in other Room, for example in the kitchen or on the terrace. So Sonos type, B&W, or something like that.
Any advice?

Best regards

There are a plethora of “Roon Ready” and “Roon Tested” devices to choose from.

Wouldn’t there be some kind of delay in the signal?

Synchronizing audio playback in several zones is possible with Roon, see Zone Grouping. Mind you, for synchronization to work, zones must be of the same type. I use Meridian zones and can have music playing, in sync, in several rooms.

I’m thinking to buy B&W Formation Wedge or Sonos Era 300
The first is Roon Ready and it seems pretty good. The second, Roon tested.
Any comment?
Thanks a lot

I think that due to size, white color and WAF factor, if the Sonos syncs well with Roon, it would be preferable.

These cannot be grouped to play in sync. From the link I posted above:

Roon supports Zone Grouping , or synchronizing audio playback in several zones within your house. Zones can only be grouped with other zones of the same type , meaning Squeezebox zones cannot be grouped with RAAT zones, Meridian zones can’t be grouped with Airplay zones, etc.

I apologize if I am repetitive, but I want to be clear before buying anything.
I listen to music streaming and files from the Antipodes hard drive through the Roon app, from there to the main equipment, DAC, preamp, amplifier and speakers.
I usually use Hq Player as a player, but I can change it for the occasion if necessary. Only Roon.
I would like any only one wireless active speaker that could be sync up with the main equípame t, exactly at the same time and move to other areas of the house.
There is some?.

Thank you

I would encourage you to buy something that you can easily return. Hands-on experience is a far better guide.

Alternatively check YouTube. Roon Labs have posted a number of videos.