Antipodes K50. Roon Server and Hq Player. A question about Convolucion

I have recently acquired an Antipodes K50 associated with my Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC. At the moment I use Roon as Server and Squeeze as Player and it sound great. The best inputs of my DAC are I2S and AES whose limit is at 192 KHz. I wanted to try Hq Player limiting it to those 192KHz just to see if it sounds better than Roon with Squeezlite.
Hence my question: I use Roon Covolution filters obtained with the Rew and RePhase programs. They are necessary to solve the poor acoustics of my salt. These convolution filters, should I keep them convolved in the Roon Server or should I do it in Hq Player.
Thanks and Best regards

I think you are going to have to try both as it could depend on how much the convolution filters aim to do. Normally Squeeze’s key benefit is transparency but Roon’s DSP could shave off some of that advantage. HQPlayer gives up a touch of transparency but it is the more capable DSP engine. I shouldn’t speculate but I think I would put my money on HQPlayer - even more so when v5 is available to us.