Antipodes menu very slow

Hi. Since Wednesday I have a K41 on trial. I noticed that on the Antipodes menus side things are very slow.
I timed opening the file manager with no services active (No Roon etc.) and empty disks and it takes 30 seconds.
Since this is a powerful server I can not imagine this is normal. Any ideas what I can do to make this faster?
Th K41 is on a Melco S100 on a 1GB port

Same problem here. In my case a DX3. In the chain between a modified Meraki switch and a Tambaqui DAC.
Don’t understand why it works that slow…

The Antipodes interface is a web interface, as both the above users are using a switch, I would see what the performance is like sans the switch

I put my tv on the same switch for a moment to check the speed (I have a speedtest app) and on WAN connectivity speeds it goes up to 700 Mbit/s) The switch itself is a 1GB Melco S100.

The speed or thru-put has very little to do with it, there are many things that can affect performance.
Try it and see.
Or even, reboot the router and/or switch and/or the Antipodes.
Check your DNS, set to Google on the router and/or flush the DNS cache on your computer.
Try a different browser, clear your browser cache.
Reboot your computer.
Check your cable, or replace.

I tried all the things mentioned above:
Unplugged and restarted everything, removed the switch to have a direct connection to the router. This made no clear difference.
What did make a clear difference was Removing the folder that contained an Include to the NAS folder from whcih I copied storage onto the physical SSD. This Include folder was a contained in the root folder (sibling of the ‘music’ folder).
Opening time of the folder is now back from 30 to 3 seconds

The File Manager on my K30 hasn’t opened in a very long time. I’m sure my NAS folders are the problem. I haven’t reached out for support as I haven’t needed to use File Manager. But now that I see that others are experiencing the same thing I should probably do so.

I have walked away from the File Manager and come back after a good amount of time and the window is still blank. In the early days, shutting down Roon seemed to help that window appear, but that was with v3.0. I don’t believe I’ve seen File Manager since v3.1 came out.

When opening File Manager, it scans whatever is there, so if you have a NAS attached, it scans it before opening, that’s the way it works, if you have something different, ie. it doesn’t open at all, then we need to look at it.

@MarkCole thanks for the explanation. The link to the NAS was in the root folder. Would it act differently if I put it ‘deeper’ (as a subfolder of some other subfolder) ? Or will it always scan the entire tree.
Of course I can remove the Include to the NAS altogether, but then I would have to use a different interface (Finder, Explorer) if I want to copy files over from the NAS

Hiya, the NAS should just be at storage/music/NAS or whatever you called it.
File Manager will always scan upon opening, no matter what, otherwise it won’t know if changes have been made on the NAS, it’s the nature of the file system.
You can use copy/paste from Finder/Explorer without issue.
If you aren’t going to be using the NAS for music playback and are copying over to internal storage, then it’s not really required to be mounted, if you are going to remove it, make sure you use Exclude, if you delete the folder it will start deleting your files on the NAS.
However if you are going to use it for playback, then leaving it in place is a good idea, it does get slightly faster over time.

Thanks for the further explanation. I was -wrongly- assuming that I should use the File Manager for all file operations. If that is not an issue I will refrain from including. I intend to play my own files from the local storage and avoid using the NAS.
One thing I do not quite understand yet is, what happens if I want to exchange one of the disks in the K41 for a bigger one. (f.e. I have 2x 4TB and 1x 2TB and I want to exchange the latter for a 4TB as well) Will I lose all my files if I remove the 2TB disk through the Storage manager?

Yes. Have a good backup before doing that.

Antipodes Audio Music servers run on Linux and the storage system uses Logical Volume Management.
Basically it pools all the drives into one logical volume, enabling management of the data across multiple drives to be centralised.
There are obvious advantages to doing this.
Expanding the storage from 1 to 2 or 1-3 is a simple task .
However as alluded, swapping one of the discs out will break the LVM and it will need to be rebuilt, with the data backed up externally.
If you are looking to use all 3 slots for SSD on your Antipodes, and believe that you may run out of storage space at some point, that is that 10 or 12TB won’t be enough, I would recommend to start using the largest possible drives ie. 8TB.


Thanks for the explanation. It is good to know this, because it helps me prepare properly. Buying bigger disks from the start was indeed the plan.