Antipodes Model Changes for 2022

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Mark, if one of the K50 chipsets is permanently unavailable even after such a short period what happens should an existing owners chipset fail? Do you have alternative chipsets? i.e. in the event of service.

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Absolutely, we have contingencies in place should such an unfortunate thing occur.


K10 Withdrawn

We are no longer able to meet ongoing demand for the K10 and so we have withdrawn it. We are exploring new and expanded ways to meet the range of needs our customers have to manage their owned music libraries.

In light of this, can you recommend alternative optical drives, @MarkCole?

To be honest I havent done much research into external drives, but the Asus Zen Drive would be a great choice.

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Thank you, Mark. Much appreciated.

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Random question on the K50: according to the specs, the I2S Output supports PCM up to 32bit/384kHz. I2S can support higher sample rates, it seems. My Gustard X26pro supports up to 768kHz and the Denafrips Terminator 2 apparently supports up to 1536kHz. Would one really be limited to only 384kHz over I2S with the K50?

I2S seems to be a rarity on high end music servers. A quick look at Auralic, Aurender Grimm, Innuos and Taiko and I found no mention of I2S. Nice competitive advantage.

Hi Mark,
May I confirm that the K41+K21 combination would have a reclocker stage but USB output only from the K21 renderer , so it would require an S20 for the additional digital outputs in order to “match” the K50 for versatility and performance?

….sorry, make that an S20+S60 PSU, so it’s a 4-box count for a K50 equivalent?

I am interested in a USB reclocker myself, so have been looking into this. I have a Denafrips Venus II which (like the Terminator 2) supports 1536kHz on I²S Input. However, their own reclocker, the Gaia, only outputs at 384KHz on I²S. I also had a look at the S20 which outputs up to 384kHz, but the less expensive P20 outputs up to 768kHz…I would be interested to know why this is and if it doesn’t matter as the S20 is a higher quality reclocker anyway.

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