Antipodes Ripper

Many of our CD collection was ripped using the MM computer. Buying the Antipodes ripper, $750.00 USD, would be worth the buy to re do about 500 CD’s of our best SQ music?

The K10 has been discontinued, replacement product later in the year

Mark, I own a K10 ripper. You have indicated it will be replaced later this year, is there a problem with the K10?

No problem at all, just availability :+1:

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I would recomend db poweramp on a mac or pc to get a software based accurate rip! The K10 may make sense with this program if you have cds which can not be read because of scatches etc. This program compares previous rips of other users with your rip and states accurate if they are bit perfect similar!
And it is very easy to edit metadata.