Antipodes S30 + S40 + HQplayer


I recently added an S30 to my S40+S60 system. Previously, I have been using the HQplayer (embedded) on S40. My question is, after adding the S30, do I also need to buy another HQplayer key for/transfer my license to the S30?

I got this question because I find that, when configuring the S30 as the player, I will need to select the " Roon Player Special Option - HQplayer server" option on it. Because my S30 is a new machine, the associated HQplayer setting on it is still in the “trial” license. Would this cause any trouble? I hope I have explained my questions clearly :slight_smile:

Hqplayer should reside on the server computer (S40). In your case that is already licensed. The S30 should be configured as the naa and will not require a license.

My K30 is the same as your S40 S30 but in one box. Here is the player portion configured as hqplayer naa.

Here is the hqplayer config screen. The backend points to the player computer and naa.