Antipodes S60 causes ripple and high requency noise

Hi Antipodes,
I have just changed my electronic to Thoress preamp and 300b monos. Those are full tube setup,

I found whenever I turned on my S60, it causes a constant high pitch to my system and disappeared if I turn off the s60.

Please advise any way to get rid of this issue such as using a power conditioner or some sort of filter before S60?

Please note all my electronic gears connect directly to wall, no power regenerator or conditioner anywhere,


The first thing to try is to move things around to be able to determine if the noise is being emitted. Moving the S60 further away from sensitive components would help you rule that out as a cause.


Oh good suggestion, i did not think about airborne interference

I placed s40/60 in the shelf underneath the preamp, moved them away and the high pitch noise gone.

Tube gears are such so sensitive



Glad to hear that! I had my fingers crossed that it would. If it was coming in through AC, it would have been more difficult to solve.

You should think about adding a power conditioner at some point.

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