Antipodes server for files other than music

hi, i notice that the antipodes file storage menu also has a folder called movies/films. If i copied movies there how would i go about playing them on my tv over my home network? Do antipodes servers also have a video server function and if so does it need to be turned on and off? or what is the purpose of this folder? sorry but i have no clue at all about serving video files or why antipodes would include a folder for non music content. thx

Interesting, you are the first to ask this question @tommytwotimes since I have been working at Antipodes, pleased you posted.

The Antipodes can be a repository for movies, as the server for PLEX.
Also you can use PLEX for your audio, to enable your library on your portable device for music anywhere in the world.
Basically from memory, you enable PLEX, get an account?, launch the app from the Antipodes, name what you want to playback (movies or audio) and set the correct location for either of those on the Antipodes Server storage/movies for movies or storage/music for music, wait for it to scan.
Use the PLEX app on your smart TV to access content or a handheld to cast to your TV.
I use PLEXAMP on my phone to access all my music on my Antipodes in my car and when travelling, used this for years, Roon have tried to get close with ARC but aren’t in the ballpark from a functionality perspective IMHO.
Um…PLEX is very cool :nerd_face:
And a completely under used app on Antipodes servers.

Here is a pretty basic overview I grabbed from YouTube.


Cool thx. i’ll try it for movies. Agree that arc doesnt come close


i dont understand how to configure plex server from antipodes. you said above “launch the app from the antipodes”.

i have added movies to the antipodes file storage, enabled plex but on the plex player i cant see my movies?

Go to the Server Tab, scroll down to PLEX click OPEN to authorise and setup the server.

thx, ‘scroll down’ is what i was missing. all working great now!