Antipodes Server MSB Pro-ISL interface

Just saw Daniel’s post on WBF regarding a Pro-ISL interface from Antipodes server are in the work! Really exciting news!

Does it have an expected time when it will be released? Will it be upgradeable for both K series and Oladra?

Any input is highly appreciated!

Hi @dodger0629
Could you supply a link to the WBF post please

sure! @terrycym

it’s actually under a Taiko thread but Antipodes was mentioned.

Thanks @dodger0629
I managed to find the WBF but I would have struggled to find the thread

I presume the PRO-ISL interface would need new internal electronics & back panel to an Antipodes server?

Maybe this: MSB and Taiko, let's go! | What's Best Audio and Video Forum. The Best High End Audio Forum on the planet!

No time frame. Sorry, all I can say is we are working on it.
We are still upgrading client units to G4 (ends August 2024) as such won’t be making adjustments to production during 2024 at a minimum.

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