Any members have any in hands experience with Ideon Absolute Time?

Hi guys; There seems to be a bit of a buzz lately about this Greek based manufacturer building some very high end DACS and specifically this re-clocker - the Absolute Time. The few dealers who carry the brand insist it’s a game changer. We’ve heard that before, BUT……given that Antipodes does such a superb job in re-clocking, is this a device that would be of little or no value for those of us already benefiting from great “built-in” re-clocking?

It looks like an all out assault on making a killer DDC. I suspect it might be tough to beat.

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@kennyb123 , Here in Phoenix there is the smallest, most crowded Hi Fi dealer store I’ve ever visited in my life. Owner specializes in tubes but has a few high end lines, one of which is Ideon. He begged me to take a unit home to try before I joined the Antipodes family. Luckily for me it was out on loan, due back the next day. He was 100% sure that once I heard what the unit did, I’d have to have it.

At the time I was in no hurry to spend 10k, now the unit runs 12k. Ron Resnick from WhatsBestForum recently did an interview with a dude in Spokane, WA. He had a few IDEON units in his music room which was REALLY something. He raved about it. It’s a very WIDE and substantial unit - almost 2 inches wider than my K41 and K22! Even if I came up with the $$$ (which is tempting) I’m not so sure I e got the space for it ! Interesting company and all they do is digital. They seem to be “overzealous” in their mission. I’ll hear it for sure at Axpona.

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