Any way to remove your qobuz ac from squeeze/material?

i tried deleting/changing the password but it didnt work.

Yep there is no log-out button.
You have to enter a non Qobuz user email and random password, and SAVE the page.

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i did that but when i go into albums i still see lots of albums with the Qobuz icon - which i wouldn’t expect to have if there is no valid qobuz ac

So when you navigate to the Qobuz app in Squeeze, after doing the fake email and SAVE and selecting Genre or something similar you should get the below

yes that’s exactly what i get. but if i go to albums this is what i see: a mixture of my local albums and albums on qobuz - which i expect to not be able to see as there is no valid qobuz ac set up

And if you click in there to play?
You’ll likely need to rescan to remove art etc, just like in Roon

if i click play it doesnt play. i did a forced rescan. still shows qobuz albums.

forced rescan in roon, still missing lots of albums

I would do a full re-scan :slight_smile:

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thx, squeeze is ok now, correctly showing all albums in my library after a full rescan. unfortunately roon isnt as i said in the other post