Anybody using an RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE with their antipodes?

would love to know what you think of this device?

Fantastic, I use it in my second system (MSB Reference DAC in main system).
Easy to set and forget if you only want a DAC, great sound, maybe I’m imagining it but even better than the ADI-2 Pro. Superb build quality, warranty and support from RME.
Strongly recommended- it is beaten only by the very very best (and most expensive!)
Sounds the same through all interfaces, I use optical.
PEQ can help with tuning, otherwise connect it and go when using it as a DAC.
When using all its many other abilities, the menu system is complex but you can use it to run, for example, a second line out to your subs with PEQ there as well. Computer interface now available makes it easier.