Anyone tried or using Bacch with their antipodes?

Interesting product, interest to know about signal path of anyone who has tried or is using it.

I am also curious, some scenarios are here … BACCH4Mac | Theoretica Applied Physics

It seems the output is from a Mac (say USB) to a RME Babyface Pro FS interface - coming via a Mac seems to have the potential to undo improvements made by servers and players, ethernet switches and cables. I suppose one could reclock/regenerate that USB and convert to SPDIF or AES , but surely the Mac has already done damage that cant be fixed with reclocking. I’d guess the RME interface could be replaced with another similar interface, MUTEC for instance. I’d guess an Antipodes cant be used as an interface in this situation, nice if it could though.

By coincidence I just recently read about this which claims to achieve similar results without being in the signal path.

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Here is an interesting take on BACCH …

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I was at AXPONA this year and heard the Vibatron in the Scott Walker room. It was very impressive to be sure. Borderline remarkable I’d say .


An alternative which is not in the signal path (ie. a convolution filter).

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