Anyone tried T+A DAC200 with Antipodes K50?

I understand this is a long shot ,
I have been reading rave reviews on the T+A Dac200 which apparently sounds best when fed upscaled DSD250 tracks.
is anyone using this dac with your antipodes server ? I would love to hear your opinion. I am considering upgrading from my current OG terminator to this dac and I have no way of auditioning the dac before purchase.
your feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I may audition one of these next year as it checks all the boxes as far as being the perfect DAC for me. A good friend is also considering this but it is contingent upon how impressed he is with the upcoming Taiko DAC. If that doesn’t beat what he has now he might want to try the T+A DAC 200. A local dealer let me know that we could borrow his demo at some point if we wanted.

I know that there have been many reports about how great it sounds with upscaled DSD, but it really shines with PCM upscaled with PGGB. It seems that those seeking realism tend prefer PGGB while those looking to make everything more pleasing turn to DSD. Nice to have options as ultimately it’s up to each listener to decide what works best for them. I’m not sure the K50 is powerful enough though to get the best out of HQPlayer, so PGGB’s offline upscaling might have an advantage.

I cannot speak to the specific interplay of the DAC200 and the Antipodes server but I can tell you that I did own the DAC 200 for a period of about one week. It is an outstanding piece and presented a very large sound stage an imaged quite well. On its way to me I decided that I wanted instead the Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC so I traded it as a virtually new unit to my dealer for the Tambaqui which I sensed would outperform the DAC200. It handily outperformed it, but then again, at nearly twice the price that should be expected. But at this price point I think you would be very satisfied as it is an excellent DAC for the $$. Goo luck to you!


Tried dac200 with a K 21…

what did you think of it ?

I love the combination, its in my system, and i have ended my DAC hunt.

Interestingly i had been keen to try a Mola Mola but when i read an opinion from someone who preferred the T+A over the Tambaqui, figured it was a more affordable option for me.

Having said that, I dont have comparison points with other DACs at this price point.

My previous DAC was a Holo Spring KTE.
In my system (MBL) with evey other DAC i tried something felt, not wrong, but also not fully satisfying.
The T+A in my system by contrast immediately sounded just right. Nothing I felt could improve.
I am no doubt technically wrong in that regard. But undeniably correct in my own satisfaction.

I definitely rate the DAC very highly.

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Oh, i have never tried the Terminator. Only the other end of the line, the Aries, which I really enjoyed.

Not sure what it was with the Aries but something, i think relating to timbre, really ’ resonated’ with me. :grin:
But in my system i felt other aspects of it were clearly deficient and unsatisfying.
Maybe it was bass, or distortion :grimacing: that i enjoyed???

I didnt try higher up models in my system, but hearing them in other systems i didnt experience that same quality that had attracted me to the Aires. A very flawed assessment i know.
But between experiences and opinions the holo spring appealed more.

I would happily swap DACs with you for a test listen if Ireland and Auckland were a little closer together😁
Happy journeys!

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I actually owned the T+A DAC 200 for a short (10 day) time when I owned a different streamer. It was a significant upgrade from the PS Audio DAC I’d had for some time. Very nice and very well made. But shortly after ordering and paying for the unit I stumbled upon some reviews of the Mola Mola Tambaqui and based on reviews and YouTube videos I watched, blobs, etc, I knew I’d regret not making a trade up to the Tambaqui with very few miles on the DAC 200. So my MM dealer made me a very fair trade to get into the Tambaqui and never looked back. While the T+A DAC is an excellent DAC that will not disappoint , the Tambaqui is next level gear. Truly exceptional. But it should be at close to twice the selling price as the T+A.

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