Audiophile fuse K:50

Hi all
K50 user here. Has anyone experimented audiophile fuses inside the k50 ?
Looking forward to hear your inputs.

P.s I am currently using HiDiamond D4 power cable on the k50 and I highly recommend it if you like a holographic sound stage.

Hi, I’ve a pair of Refine Audio 2A T. Since the sound quality is superb without any tuning imo there is a slight improvement in the texture of the sound, kind of more grip.

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I tried their site but there’s no buy
Option. Where did you buy them from ?

Torsten Fink, CM Audio , Germany

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I’m thinking of installing an SR Purple audiophile fuse in my K40. Just to be sure, is it the same fuses for K40 and K50? And what type of fuse is needed for the K40, 110-120volt version? I understand the 3.15 amp 5x20mm Slow-Blow fuse is recommended? Is this the case? Thank you.

Is it helpful for improving sound quality to replace fuses inside the K50 with audiophile fuses like HIFI-TUNING?