Audiophile network switches

Hi all
Who’s using audiophile network switches with their K50 ? Which one and what’s your impressions.
I use a double stack sotm switch with plixir dc supply with audio sensibility dc cables.
I am currently researching on adding a 3rd switch after the two sotm
Contenders are
1: melco s100
2:Innous Phoenixnet

I am using a PF Buffalo switch with Sean Jacobs DC4 powering the switch and the Pink Faun Ultra OCXO clock. I run fiber from the PF Buffalo directly to a Lumin X1 and RJ45 to the K50 and RJ45 out from K50 to Makua. I have and previously was using EtherREGEN as switch prior to PF Buffalo. I intended to test both switches in the system, but shielded ethernet cable did not work for me into “A” side and was only one I had long enough at the time. I, however, have been very pleased with PF Buffalo alone. I suspect some of these will become available on preowned market when Taiko releases its switch for the Extreme.

In case you may not know, the BS-GS 2016 switch is very similar to the Melco–Melco Holdings is parent company of Buffalo. Unmodified unit, per posted opinions of others on Audiophile Style is not up to the Melco, but with the mods, exceed it. I am not a DIY guy and utilized another to do the mods. Results are very good, but obviously no warranty on modded unit and resale market may not be good. I am not looking to sell mine and generally keep audio gear a long time. I have not heard the PhoenixNET, though have read good things about it. It does not, however, accommodate both fiber and copper ethernet, which, for me, would be important.


I’m using an EtherRegen powered by a Farad Super3. A REF10 reference clock lifted the performance of ER. That clock is now in Germany where it will hopefully soon be in Mutec’s hands for the SE120 upgrade. A span of fiber runs into the ER with a Sonore opticalModule used upstream. I have no plans to optimize my network beyond this.

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I anticipate that would be a very fine network switch solution, even before the SE120 upgrade. I admit to musing on the Mutec clock REF10 for the EtherREGEN earlier. The cable incompatibility gave me pause and maybe some restraint on network switch stacking and clock rabbit hole. I really do like my current switch setup and hopefully will stay put on it. Congratulations on a very fine clock.

You are in excellent shape. Thanks for your comments.

As an aside, I found that the REF10 on the ER improved the sound of music stored on my K30’s internal drives. I was definitely not expecting that.

I would not have expected REF10 on the ER to have improved the sound for music stored on your K30’s internal drives either. For me, I could see where possibly my switch could be beneficial for playing stored music from K50 to the X1 since it would go back through the switch to the X1, but hadn’t thought about it prior. Interesting.

The only thing I could imagine was that the reference clock made the ER’s moat more effective. I reported it on the Master Clock for ER thread on Audiophile Style as I wondered if anyone else had experience it. No one replied, but that thread has been dying down.

The improvements were very much of the worthwhile kind, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Get one of these: TL-SG105 | 5-Port 10/100/1000Mbps Desktop Switch | TP-Link United Kingdom
5 or 8 port version. Its 5V, power it from the ‘powered USB port’ of your Antipodes server.

OK, one step too far… I’d like to hear Antipodes comment on this. If it makes a difference, that has to challenge some absolute basics. I’m open to listening, open mind etc but local storage cannot be beaten for SQ, surely? Mr Cole?

I will be putting my Innuos PhoenixNet switch between my K41 and the streamer.

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Try this experiment. Start playing music that’s stored on the internal drive on your Antipodes using Squeeze or HQPlayer (Roon gets whacked out when it looses the network). Have someone pull your ethernet cable while you are listening. Did you hear a difference?

If you have taken steps to lower the noise floor in your system, you will likely hear a difference. The network provides a pathway for noise to enter our systems. That noise comes in even when we are playing music off the internal drive.

I just tried this again. My Sonore opticalModule is plugged into a smart plug, so I can power it off using my iPhone. Bloody heck - the improvement from doing this is more obvious than it had been previously. I’ll have to repeat this when the REF10 comes back.

I challenge your wording. Local storage cannot be beaten. It’s just that it gets even better when incoming noise is addressed.

When I say local storage, I mean internal storage (versus network storage)? I.e no ethernet connection. That can’t be bettered was my point. Ethernet connection even for control has possibilities of introducing noise, sure. Unplugged must be best. There is a small topic about non ethernet control, some possibility of software. I think we may be on the same page, it was a long day…

Yup internal storage. And yup also to Ethernet connection for control still bringing in noise. I wish it wasn’t the case. I was really hoping that we’d see more innovation as far as network switches go. Even better would be a network controller on the server that can isolate the noise.

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Just giving my experience here. My k50’s songs on internal ssd definitely improved when I changed the power supply of my sotm switches connected to it. Go figure.

Though the logic of this behaviour doesn’t really make sense to me either , I can confirm that it’s indeed occurring.

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Hi tyke.
Do you own the phoenix switch? If so could you please give your impressions on it ? Any comparison with other audiophile switches. ?

Yes I have just got the Innuos Phoenix switch. It has had an amazing effect on my system, far greater than the Melco S100. Currently I am awaiting delivery of the K41, so the Innuos went between the second EE switch in my system and fed out to my Linn DSM. I should also be getting a CAS GC1 today, so I shall be trying that out.

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Can you please tell me more about the comparisons between s100 and Innous switch ? What made you choose one over the other ?

The S100 made improvements and generally focused the sound, but the Innuos did all this plus created a real sense of space in the music, creating a real emotional connection.

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What is the Innuos Phoenix switch being used within ATM as the K41 isnt with you yet?

Synology NAS on the network.

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