Audirvana music server software

It should be possible to use Audirvana as music server software. So what is required to make that happen?

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I really like Audirvàna- I have asked Cole before but I think it’s really hard for Antipodes to open up a whole new software chapter.
I would really like it, too!

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Audirvana have to deliver a version of their software that runs on Linux:

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I just downloaded trial version of Audirvana. Then I realized it won’t work with K40 because the music folder does not show on the network, or anywhere. Is only the K22 meant to show on the network?

The “music” folder is able to be navigated to via File Explorer or Finder.

Only the music folder for the k22 shows in File Explorer. I’m sure the K22 & K40 showed on the network at first, but now the K40 has disappeared.

Reboot your computer you are using to navigate,

Nah, rebooting computer does not work. I suspect one of the settings in the K22/K40 results in the K40 showing on network. In any case I can’t see how I can play audirvana with K22 so that app is a no go.

There are no settings for network or network discovery in either unit, IP’s are allocated by the router, it is possible the router doesnt like the bridged connection. Try reboot router.
You can use Audirvana to access your server for local playback out of your computer, but not for output on the Antipodes