Backup Save files S30

Hello, my name is Jürgen. I use a S30. I ripped more than 500 CDs with the K10-ripper and I want to save my files I ripped on the disc, which I installed in the S30.

How can I activate a backup to save the music files on the S30?

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Unfortunately Antipodes has not included yet a backup-solution like Innuos.

I hope that will change in the future …

This is because using a music server as your primary storage for music is not a good idea.
The server should be a backup of your library.
There are a number of solutions available that enable incremental back-up, such as SyncBackFree or FileSync
These applications are run on your controlling PC or Mac, and enable sync with your NAS or external storage.

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OK, but it’s more comfortable if included in the Antipodes system.
Actually I use SyncTime for Mac - that works with a weekly backup… or manually.

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It would be useful if the config could be saved as a file to the SSD so that it could be backed up on my PC

I’m not familiar with SyncTime but it looks like you might be able to get it to sync a folder on your Mac to a folder on your Antipodes. You’d essentially be making your Antipodes a backup destination.

I do something similar except I use Chronosync for Mac and have it sync a folder on my NAS down to my Antipodes.

My sync goes to a connected 4TB SSD - that works fine.