Best Practice for Adding Music to a Server - A Rabbit Hole Enquiry

In the spirit of wanting to get the best quality out of music stored on the SSDs of my K50, does it make any difference as to how the files are uploaded? There are clearly many routes…but do they matter in terms of future playback?

Short answer - NO - makes no difference how the files get there.
File Manager / Cut-Copy/Paste with Finder or File Explorer


Well, that was straightforward :wink:


I’m a big fan of just using File Explorer (Windows) and Finder (Mac) to copy and paste. It’s organized and more reliable then dragging and dropping (you can accidentally drag into the wrong and not know). SMB files shares are easy to configure and discover. Old but reliable method


After finding the Antipodes file manager method of adding files rather unreliable & user unfriendly (sorry), I’ve only ever dragged & dropped (Mac). I don’t find it too bad, but do occasionally make the odd error. It’s easy enough to correct, but thanks for the tip.

I got my AMS CX a few days ago and set it up for Plexserver and Rooncore.
plugged my 2 backup USB drives into the USB 3 inputs on the rear, then Copy/Pasted them into the relevant folders. (took about 6 hours to complete)

I have my ‘music’ and ‘film’ files sorted in ‘A-Z’ folders for easy management.

Once the initial circa 2TB transfer was completed, i mapped the ‘music’ and ‘film’ folders as network drives:

Now I have these setup, I simply drag and drop files into the relevant drives and folders:

And for backup of the above, I have iDrive cloud storage setup on the mapped folders via a windows device. :slight_smile: Download IDrive for PC, Mac, Linux, Servers, iOS, Android

I used to copy music onto a USB drive, and then plug that into my K50, and then used file manager to copy them over…but it was so slow…copying first to the USB drive and then again to the K50.

So far I am finding Windows File Explorer is working really well.

Of course a crazy part of me wants to compare copying files via the USB route to files transferred using file explorer…hence the Rabbit Hole reference. Perhaps if we have another lockdown in the UK…

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Get ya, and only worth doing via USB drive when uploading in bulk for initial setup. From here on, transferring new albums/movies is simply done via Wi-Fi and drag’n’drop to the relevant mapped drive via the laptop.

I set up my new K50 yesterday and used the MyAntipodes interface to drag my music files from my Synology NAS onto the SSD installed in the K50. Now my music files are on the K50, I have mapped the SSD to T: Drive on Windows file explorer so should be simple to add new music whenever I buy it.

I managed to figure it all out without having to phone a friend so it seems pretty painless to get going.