Burn in Process K50 G4

Hello audiophiles, maybe that my thoughts are complety weired but here is my question: How is the burn in process running? Is it enough to run the K50 and let roon play something , without having the rest of the chain on (so it can burn in for hours without playing music)? Or must everything in the Chain also running ?
Thanks to all of you!

In my experience, everything in the chain must be running, and music playing 24 hours a day (obviously, at a very low volume overnight).

Even with this approach, I found that my K41 Gen. 4 server took over 200 hours of burn in to really start getting into it’s stride, and the sound continued to evolve for the better thereafter.

My Kala K50 has been playing for two months now and I can still see changes for the better.

My K50 is great when Not having a Wobbler. Looses Room Regularly. Using Squeeze at the Moment, also FREE​:star_struck::partying_face:

What’s the difference? The K50 sends a signal independent of the rest of the chain, or am I wrong? I have a nice tube amplifier that I don’t want to burden with quiet music for 200-300 hours without anyone listening. So is there a simple explanation why everything has to be on? The signal comes even without the rest of the chain…?!

The K50 G4 sounded amazing right out of the box when it arrived after receiving the upgrade. While I kept it powered up all the time, music only played through it when I was listening. It was interesting to hear how it changed as the days passed. I think it took a month for the changes to pretty much settle down but I think it was just that the continued improvement was more gradual in the second month.

Might it have gone quicker had I left music playing? Maybe, but I never ever felt the need to rush it along. There are components that go through a period where it something annoying detracts from the listening experience. I never experienced that while the K50 was burning in. This may sound crazy, but I actually enjoyed the ride as it was interesting to hear my system start to do things it hadn’t done before - and hadn’t done even just days prior.

I did post observations along the way as far as what I heard. If anyone is curious I’m sure the search will turn up my posts.


Thank you very much for your answers…I leave the K50 switched on all the time anyway and start the music when I feel like listening. I’ll just keep it like that after upgrading to G4 in August 2024 and just enjoy the improvements with every session…the original idea was just to speed up the process if possible…but it seems to sound good straight out of the box.

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