Can not access my EX anymore

After a few days of vacation, I tried to listen to music this morning, turned my EX on, and I was requested to make a software update, that I launched. I also changed its name.
Now the EX does not reply anymore. I have reset my network internet box, and the EX a certain amount of times, but nothing changes
When I dial “my”, I can see the EX as a server (with previous name), no network player. And if I try to manage it, then I get “connection error”.
The EX keeps beeping several times a minute like if it was continuously rebooting.
Thanks for your help

You can also try clearing your browser cache, etc. and see if you can connect.

Thank you
The thing is that I can not manage anything, connection does not work. I do not see how I could clear cache.

You don’t need to connect to anything to clear you browser cache, just go into preferences of the browser, privacy, manage website data etc.

If the device is beeping several times a minute, then turn it off.
This isn’t good for it, it will require service.

:frowning:, that is what I did
Could you please advise what I should do?