Can Oladra output to two DACs?

I want to use alternative DACs, not at the same time.
One connects via Optical, one via USB.
Can Oladra do this?

Yes, but it’s not a great idea to have 2 DACs connected at the same time, from earthing and other possible issues that may affect sound quality.
But clients do have this setup.
All you need to do is set presets up for the Digital Output while retaining the Auto preset for USB

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Thanks a lot.
I will have a try.

I’m thinking of trying this for headphones, though have an AES/EBU cable instead of USB into the Devialet Amps.

Did this work for you @ICUToo?

The Re-Clocker outputs all connections simultaneously.
So, YES, you can connect two DACs.
If you wish to use USB, you will have to change the output in the Solution Dashboard from Digital to USB, so again you can connect two DACs but not listen to Digital and USB simultaneously.
If I can just qualify this from above, it’s not a great idea to have 2 DACs connected at the same time, from earthing and other possible issues that may affect sound quality.

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I was thinking @MarkCole that the optical output wouldn’t introduce the earthing issues? If the second (in my case, headphone) DAC were not switched on whilst playing music to loudspeakers via AES/EBU, could that still affect sound quality? I could probably also disconnect the optical cable from the second DAC when not in use.

I know everything matters, so am not wanting to ignore your points, but am also thinking the optical output for headphones might be a really nice option.

Will give it a try in the next few days.

Yep, test it to see, only way to know :nerd_face::+1:


Never used it as too slow switching between inputs when using HQPlayer.
Needing to restart HQP every time was a pain.

I finally got around to connecting a long Optical cable to the Oladra, connecting the other end to an SMSL VMV D2 Dac (with external clock). This then powers Shure KSE1200 IEMs when I am working.

Previously, an SOtM (sMS-200ultra, tX-USBultra, sPS-500) set-up (without external clock) was connected to the USB input of the Dac.

One disclaimer is that I have only compared Roon Server on the SOtM set-up, to the Oladra Roon Server/Squeeze Player.

The Oladra optical set-up was noticeably better than the SOtM set-up…clearer, less ‘grain’, much more dynamic/better PRaT. At times it was astonishingly transparent, although the SOtM set-up was by no means bad.

The good news is that I could detect much change to the sound coming from the ‘main system’, perhaps because the optical cable doesn’t introduce grounding issues?

I need to try listening to the main system again, with the optical cable disconnected from the Oladra, but I am hopeful there will not be much, if any difference.

I probably should try using Squeezebox Server on the SOtM set-up to see if that narrows the gap. I could also upgrade the SOtM devices and add the external clock inputs, as I have capacity to connect them to an external clock. But then, I have only used a thin, cheapish optical cable, and may be able to improve upon that.

It would also be good to establish which Dacs will work well with optical inputs, but for now I am very pleased I can get the Oladra goodness into headphones without apparent compromise. Few less boxes, too.

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Did you have to change the setup in MyANtipodes, RDG, or was it as easy as plugging in the optical? Because that would be fantastic!

My setup won’t do that- I output from Oladra to MSB Optical (via USB) as my main system. Last night, I tried simultaneously plugging in the RME ADI-2/4 to the Toslink output from the Oladra and there was bright red laser light but couldn’t lock onto a signal.

Thanks for your detailed post above, regards,

Thanks @ICUToo

I use the AES/EBU output, and I didn’t have to change any settings; it was pure plug and play. I have Devialet Amps and the AES/EBU input is reported to be the best, as do Antipodes, I believe.

Could you use another connection with the MSB Optical?

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That worked because the OS can only assign a single output. That’s why the Solution Dashboard has a drop-down that allow one only to pick one. It can be None, USB or Digital Audio. The Digital Audio selection represents the entire reclocker, so when that’s selected, one can use the reclocked outputs simultaneously. USB is not a reclocked output.

I would think using a few of these simultaneously would degrade sound quality. Whether that matters is up to the listener.

I don’t think I am using them simultaneously, as the Devialet Amps go into standby, and I was just using the optical output when testing, with no electrical connection. I am assuming that plugging in the optical cable doesn’t switch that output on.

But so far, I would be hard pressed to say the sound has deteriorated, but do need to unplug the optical cable at some point and check. But even if so, the improvements to headphone listening may still be worth it.

Not sure why switching from USB to Digital is so slow…does it involve a reboot?

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