Can’t find K50 on

I powered down my K50 with latest upgrades K50 prior to being away for almost a month. Upon return, I powered up and Roon quicky found the K50 server and successfully streamed music using USB input without issue, but switching to AES/EBU I was unable to stream. I reset the K50 and this time I can stream with AES/EBU but not USB. Roon sees the K50 but I cannot reach through the Antipodes sites nor I checked connections but cant see if this software question that can be solved through, have not reset router or modem. Not sure what to try next

Which do you prefer: USB or AES? Perhaps simply settle on your preferred connection since apparently your K50 is conflicted upon switching from one source to another. I recall a similar experience a while ago and since I quickly realized that AES sounded better to my ears I resigned to just stay with AES since to me it sounded best.

I know it’s not the answer you were looking for but….

Good luck!

Try typing in the K50’s ip address into your web browser’s search bar. You can find the address in Roon under settings/ general. That should take you to the server/player settinsgs menu. Hopevthat helps to fix it.

Have you looked in Player Settings > Output ?
Make sure it’s set to what you require USB orbDigital Audio (required for AES

Thanks all. Yes, I can change from USB to AES if I type in ip address so that works fine but I still cannot reach the antipodes server/player site through I never had an issue before so confused as to what’s not right

Best to set up a support call with Antipodes for issues like this.

Which browser are you using? Be sure to disable iCloud Private Relay if using a Mac.


I guess it as something simple as @kennyb123 describes above. I had activated Apple private relay on my iPad. Deactivating indeed allows me to use now. @MarkCole is there a way I can still have private relay activated with the K50 and use Antipodes software?

Yes, by saving a bookmark for the Solution Dashboard.

Private Relay treats your Mac or iPad as if they aren’t located in your home to protect your privacy. This breaks some services that try to locate devices in your home as your Mac and iPad are pretending to be outside your home.

Bookmarking/saving favorites has been a capability that’s been with browsers since the start. It will be reliable as long as the IP address of the Antipodes box doesn’t change. I set bookmarks for 1) Solution Dashboard, 2) Squeeze/Material and 3) HQPlayer configuration.

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If you do book a Support appointment, I suggest you inquire if you should disable private relay for the session. Antipodes does request VPN’s be disabled during the session.

As per Kennyb123’s suggestion, bookmarking web address for Antipodes Solution Desktop works very well for me allowing me to keep my VPN on. I must turn off my VPN if I want to use or Antipodes website to locate Solution.


I also bookmark the Solution dashboard as I use both Apple relay & a VPN & found both needed to be disabled to use