Can’t find K50 server

I had logged onto my antipodes and hit the upgrade to 3.1. It stalled out and never completed . Now I cannot reach the K50 server on roon or on myantipodes. Rebooted modem, router, k50. See the player but not server. Any thoughts to troubleshoot?

Reboot via front button, wait, reboot again.

Can you please advise what stalled meant please, and at what point this occured.
And how long you waited.
And what you did after this happened.

Maybe I’m not rebooting correctly. The green light is on, I hold button for several seconds until it blinks, I wait for yellow light stop stop blinking, then turn off in back. Restart my pushing button for about a second. Did that three times. Thd 3.1 was loading, got to a point where it said it was installing but doesn’t go past that point. At that point I couldn’t use unit anymore

I had interpreted rebooting as using the front power switch only, and not additionally cutting power to the unit with the mains switch in back of my K50–similar to desktop computer reboot after operating system and/or major software upgrade for it. I did the player and server upgrades in series. Fortunately for me all went well. I was hung up on what to do when I could not find Roon Core after. Another forum member here kindly pointed me to the solution of deauthorizing prior Core, and indeed my unit found the new Core and my music.

Admittedly, I was nervous about the process and made myself exercise patience, especially during short periods when the screen did not show anything continuing. However, process would pick up and I waited till screen prompted to reboot. Best of luck in getting this resolved and up and running very soon.

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I don’t think turning off the mains switch is necessary, but if so, happy to learn.

I only used the front switch of my K50. I held it in until the front green light flashed then released it and waited for the solid orange light before pressing the front button again to reboot the K50. And again waited for the light to turn solid green before progressing to the next stage if the 3.1 update.