Can the K50 be connected to Accuphase HS-link via I2S?


Looking into an Accuphase digital player.
Via it HS-link which is kind of an I2S connection it can receive higher rates and DSD.
Anyone knows if I can use the K50 Rj45 I2S to connect to it with a custom cable ?


The HS-Link on Accuphase is an LVDS I2S connection, the RJ45 I2S on Antipodes servers is LVCMOS.
HS-Link is designed for connecting two Accuphase devices together. It looks as tho Accuphase have something going on, on pins 7 and 8 which will likely render connection impossible, ie. token exchange between Accuphase devices.

Below is the config of HS-Link


Short answer - NO
I use HS-Link (I use a Audioquest Diamond Ethernet cable) and it a proprietary connection protocol using a standard hardware specific ONLY to Accuphase.
I have separate Accuphase transport and DAC connected via HS-Link

If you want to use DSD then USB is the only connection option…

Accuphase use tokens because HS-Link allows SACD output from the transport to the DAC and SACD is a locked format

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Thanks Terry. I thought that this is the case.
Which combo you have from Accuphase ?

DP-77 & DC-37
thinking of changing to something newer next year

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