Cannot Access/Enter S30&S40

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Hi everyone,

My S30-40-60 combo has been working well until today. First, I found that I cannot play music from Roon using HQplayer. Then, I went to MyAntipodes to try accessing S30 from there - but found that I can’t access it after clicking the “Open” bottom. I was initially able to access S40, but after trying to adjust some settings from there, now I cannot access S40 either…

Both machines are still found-able from the App and MyAntipodes webpage. However, again neither is responsive after clicking the Open. I’ve tried rebooting them multiple times and disconnect/reconnect the network, but no luck.

Attaching one more pic.

Different networks perhaps. One is .4 and the other is .0

Problem solved after a consultation session. They are the best!

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