Cd ripper used as a Cd Player?

Would it be nice to use the CD Ripper as a CD Player via the software in myantipodes?

That was something that Auralic introduced with one of their updates. I never personally got around to trying it, but it was supposedly pretty good & Auralic themselves claimed it produced better results than most transports. :thinking:

Being as the information was read several times & compared for accuracy in the system cache before playing, it had at least some similarities with the P.S Audio’s memory player.

If HQPlayer in Antipodes works as my standalone, you can change input source on the main page and choose CDplayer, provided it is connected when computer is started. However Roon does not support CD stream, not according to my own trials and others comments on various forums. Happy trials :slight_smile:

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Hi, did you manage to find a way to do this?

Hi, Thomas, i didn’t. Have a cd player connected to my preamp at the moment… Greetings Robert

That’s a shame, I want to rip my relatively small CD collection to my K50 and get rid of my player to use the rack space for a good switch, but I need to keep disk playback in some way for those annoying times the internet goes down.

@MarkCole any plans to add capability to enable CD playback similar to Aurelic?