CD Rips Title as Artist

Have just started ripping directly from K50. However the software is recording the album title as the artist and artist as the album title. eg Mark Knopfler by One Deep River

Would appreciate any thoughts on how to correct that.
thank you

You can use:

  • MP3 tag
  • dbpowreamp IDtag

Thanks Harry. That will let me fix the outcome of the Antipodes rip. I was using dbpoweramp as ripper quite happily. Thought I would try the inbuilt rip function. Hopefully there is also a fix for the underlying issue

Was it doing it consistently? Or for just a couple albums?

The ripper just pulls from an online source. If the tags are crowdsourced then bad data can creep in. Or if it’s happening broadly, there may be a technical issue at the data supplier’s end and they’ll resolve it soon enough.

Six albums in a row from different artists. Fixing them now one by one…

It happened to me that when I copied the library from the PC disk into the K50’s SSD, in many cases the indexing was lost, around 70%. I’m correcting everything by hand.